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Poetry Fridays: Ode to Forgiveness


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May 3, 2024
Poetry Fridays. Today's theme is forgiveness

Redefining Family: Dr. Kris Marsh's - The Love Jones Cohort-Single and Living Alone in the Black Middle Class

Traditionally, being happy and successful as an adult meant having a spouse, children, a career and a home.  However, the definition of what makes a family is evolving. A significant number of today's households include single adults with or without children.  Dr. Marsh's book, The Love Jones Cohort, Single and Living Alone in the Black Middle Class, studies the lifestyles of a segment of the population who made good educational and financial decisions, but who are living single. Instead of seeing their singlehood as basis of society wondering, "What's wrong with you?" Dr. Marsh aims to remove the stigma of living single and encourages single people to enjoy their lives. Per Dr. Marsh, "I'm just trying to destigmatize singlehood."  Let's discuss....

Dr. Todd Grande: YouTube Therapist Answers Questions With Tact and a Dose of Humor


Dr. Todd Grande's Psychology YouTube Channel has a plethora of interesting videos

April 19, 2024

Dr. Todd Grande is a licensed professional counselor of mental health, licensed chemical dependency professional and has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education. His popular YouTube channel has 1.43 million subscribers and 3.2k videos.  What is his appeal? Let's discuss...

Managing the Negotiation Within, Resolving Conflicts by Utilizing the Internal Family Systems Model by David A. Hoffman, Esq.

A Video Review

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One of the goals of the Program on Negotiation is to increase public awareness of successful conflict resolution processes (As discussed in Part 1).  Even though the program is based at Harvard Law School, the information disseminated is not just for lawyers and professional mediators.  Attorney and mediator David A. Hoffman's presentation, "Managing the Negotiation Within: The Internal Family Systems Model", shares the benefits of utilizing the Internal Family Systems Model to make the world a better place. Let's discuss...