Poetry Fridays: Ode to Forgiveness


Forgiveness image courtesy of www.PickPik.com

May 3, 2024
Poetry Fridays. Today's theme is forgiveness

Ode to Forgiveness

Your favorite song is
Let it go;
My favorite is
Hold on.

You are the cure for
perennial regrets
I need to let go.

My hands are full of 
My forgiveness empty.

Show me how to thread
your needle in my fabric.
Help me be free at last
live here and now
instead of the past.

You are the exercise I make
excuses to skip
the restful sleep
to soothe insomnia
a cup of coffee
to wake up my inner

Help me see what you see-
what was said was said
what was done was done
the past is over and gone
time waits for no one.

Holding on to hot coals
burn my hands.

He said to forgive
Seventy times seven;
It is about faith.

A new day is here
gifting me another chance
to fill my heart
with forgiveness.

To be free
To be free
To be free

By Tuwanda Muhammad


                                   Ode to Forgiveness Video set to Facile by Kevin MacLeod

Forgiveness written in sand, courtesy of https://www.pickpik.com/forgiveness-sand-summer-send-beach-write-75082.

Ode to Forgiveness-written by Tuwanda Muhammad in 2016.

Kevin MacLeod Facile Courtesy of Creative Commons/YouTube Studio/YouTube Audio