2021: Hope for a New Year!


Happy New Year from Synchronicity Revealed-Inspired Writings!  

2020 was a challenging year. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a wave of despair across the world. Millions have died, lost jobs, family and health due to this pandemic. As the earth begins another revolution around the sun, we are faced with a new year and attitude. I have chosen to be hopeful for a fruitful new year! Let's discuss...

Life is stressful.  Once one trial is complete, we move onto another. This is a sign of growth. Even positive change has consequences. 

The Life Change Index Scale was developed by psychiatrists Drs. Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe. All changes in our lives, both joyful and challenging, have inherent stress. 

Below are examples of life changes and its impact score:
  • Death of a spouse - 100
  • Separation from spouse or partner - 65
  • Pregnancy - 40
  • Son or daughter leaving home - 29
  • Begin school or work - 26
  • Change in number of family get-togethers - 15
  • Vacation - 13
Mental and Physical Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, but they are not considered the same. It is easier to explain a headache than depression to our friends and family.  Social norms are slowly changing to recognize the importance of taking care of our emotional and physical health. Take time for yourself. Check your mindset. Notice when you are feeling stressed and seek the help you need.

Thank You

The writers at Synchronicity Revealed - Inspired Writings thank you for your support.  We are entering our third year of blogging. We hope the articles are encouraging. We believe knowledge is power.  Life does not get easier, we just learn how to be better at living life. Let's learn what we need to know about how life works so that we can become the best version of ourselves. 

Carl Jung

This blog is inspired by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. His writings about introverts and extroverts, synchronicity and individuation inspire our articles and musings in this blog.  We all think differently. Our backgrounds, families and culture effect how we interact with people. 

 "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are" Carl Jung


Hope is the expectation for an opportunity to occur.  Hope is what makes the world go around. Everything that exists today was once somebody's hope.  

What is life without hope? Sometimes when things go the opposite of what we want, we can lose hope and fall into despair. Be clear of what you hope for and why. It is wise to plan for the best and expect things to unfold the way it will. 

"To Thine Own Self be True" William Shakespeare's Hamlet

Do the work to create your reality. Giving up your power to others and expecting them to satisfy your needs never works. You will be disappointed.  Work and collaborate with others, but depend on yourself. Avoid giving your power away.  Become the person who you want other people to be for you. 

Poetic Quotes of Hope:
Below is a presentation of quotes from some of our favorite poems. 
Enjoy whenever you need inspirational words.

Happy New Year!

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