A Beautiful Day: Engaging in Creative Activities is Good for Your Health


A Beautiful Day-Spoken Word Positive Poem Using YouTube Studio Audio Library

With current technology, anyone can be an artist and publish music online. Opinions are diverse about whether this is a good thing.  However, what is true is that technology makes the fun of being an artist accessible to anyone with a computer, interest and time.  YouTube Studio is a readily accessible tool with an audio library with music that can be used freely for YouTube videos.  Let's discuss...

The attached YouTube video, A Beautiful Day, is a positive spoken-word poem layered over the instrumental song Revenge Body Beat by Grammy-nominated artist Nana Kwabena. In the song, the narrator is enjoying a beautiful day just enjoying nature and fun with friends.  The infectious beat is happy and the lyrics reflect what the music inspires. 

Making YouTube videos is a hobby that anyone with a computer can enjoy.  The accounts are free. All you need is time and an interesting topic to share. 

Engaging in creative activities is good for your mental health. According to the article, "The Mental Health Benefits of Creativity," "Being creative can increase positive emotions, reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety, and improve the functions of the immune system."  This means that spending time engaging in creative activities such as writing a song or a poem, photography or writing a story, are activities that can improve your mood. Why? I believe it is because creativity is an activity that provides a sense of accomplishment. Whatever you create belongs to you and comes from you. Just like your fingerprint, your creativity is unique.  If you want to control your art, you must apply for the appropriate copyrights.  

Be sure to read and understand the YouTube usage requirements.



A Beautiful Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s07hOnbll2k